Die Preise für Sojaschrot sind in die Höhe geschossen und die Vorräte sind knapp. Wie reduzieren und ersetzen?

一. when the price of raw materials such as soybean meal is high and the supply is tight, other raw materials that can be used are used to replace

For nutritionists/formulators, our overall approach is to sort out the raw materials that can be used in different physiological stages according to the physiological characteristics of the digestion of animals at different stages, and put forward suggestions based on the nutritional components of the raw materials, the content of sensitive factors and the processing methods. The usage range of this kind of raw material is returned to the specific feed product design.

二.fully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each raw material in each physiological stage, and on the basis of avoiding the disadvantages, the utilization efficiency of raw materials or products should be maximized through formulation technology, processing technology and application technology, so as to give full play to each raw material. To maximize the value of raw materials/products. Specific examples are as follows:

  1. Reduce the content of crude protein

Appropriately reduce the content of crude protein in the feed. For external ternary hybrid pigs, it is recommended that the crude protein of the feed should not be higher than 18% in the 3-10kg stage, and the crude protein in the 10-25kg stage should not be higher than 17.5%, and the amino acid level and content should be adjusted appropriately. Other stages Make appropriate adjustments according to the actual situation of the local market or breeding requirements

  1. Improve the digestibility of protein in the feed

(1) Improve the digestibility of protein

For example, corn contains about 8% protein, more than 60% of the whole corn is used in the feed, and the total amount of corn protein is about 5%; the digestibility of corn protein is low, and it can be replaced by other raw materials (such as wheat, sub-flour, broken rice), etc. , In addition, use processed puffed corn or add additives that promote the digestion of corn protein (such as acidifiers, enzyme preparations, etc.); similarly, other raw materials can also be processed according to the difficulty of purchasing raw materials in various regions and the price of raw materials. Comparisons and substitutions to achieve improved overall digestibility (digestibility) of feed products without increasing/or modestly increasing costs.

(2) Improve the digestibility of pigs (use of additives)

1) Use of acidifier

It is generally believed that in the gastric environment, the higher the protein solubility, the greater the possibility of protein digestion in animals, and the higher the protein digestibility. Different feed ingredients have great differences in solubility due to their different sources, structures and processing methods, and the pH value required to dissolve these proteins to the greatest extent will also have great differences (see the figure below). Overall, the higher the acidity, the higher the solubility of protein. Therefore, adding an effective acidulant to the feed to improve the solubility of protein in animals is one of the effective ways to improve protein digestion.

2) Use of digestive enzymes

By adding an effective compound enzyme preparation to the feed, on the one hand, the complex cell structure of the plant material is destroyed to release the protein, and on the other hand, the protein is rapidly degraded by the protease, thereby improving the digestion and utilization rate of the protein, all of which require a suitable pH environment.

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