Rolle von Futtersäuerungsmitteln im Tierfutter für entwöhnte Ferkel

The purpose of this experiment was to study the effect of adding complex feed acidifiers in the diet on the growth performance of weaned piglets. We selected 48 weaned piglets (Duroc × Changbai × Dabai) with an average weight of about 10.09 ± 1.92 kg, according to body weight, gender, parity The principle of basic agreement is divided into 3 treatment groups with 4 replicates for each treatment and 4 pigs for each replicate. The test period is 14 days. The control group was fed the basic diet, and the test group selected the same grade acidifiers (others company product acidifiers I and VALOR acidifiers  II ) produced by two different manufacturers. The addition amount of feed acidifiers was 3 kg / t. The results show that: (1) Adding acidifier to the diet can increase the daily intake of piglets. Compared with the control group, the average intake of acidifier I and acidifier II increased by 3.66% and 7.35%, respectively; (2) Diet The addition of feed acidifiers to the piglets significantly increased the daily weight gain of the piglets (P <0.05), the acidifier I and the acidifier II were 4.39% and 11.14% higher than the control group, respectively; (3) the addition of acidifier in the diet can significantly reduce Piglet feed ratio (P <0.05). (4) In terms of reducing diarrhea, acidifier I and acidifier II were significantly better than the control group (P <0.05), and the difference between acidifier I and acidifier II in reducing diarrhea was not significant (P> 0.05).

Conclusion: The test proves that the addition of feed acidifierss in the diet of weaned piglets can improve the growth performance of weaned piglets. The acidifier plays an important role in improving animal growth performance and post-weaning diarrhea. Among them, the acidifier II developed by VALOR is more effective good.

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