Wege und Methoden zur Verbesserung der Wirkung proteinarmer Diäten bei Spanferkeln

1. Feeding

1) Choose fresh ingredients;

2) Use flavorings to cover up the bad smell and taste in the feed and improve the palatability of the feed.

2. Digestion

1) Select raw materials with high digestibility to improve the digestibility of feed;

2) Add functional additives such as acidulants and enzymes to help improve the digestive ability of animals.

3. Intestinal health

1) Effectively control the content of toxic and harmful substances and anti-nutritional factors in feed;

2) Use acid preparations, beneficial bacteria or antimicrobial peptides to adjust the balance of intestinal flora;

3) Use butyric acid, glutamine, etc. to provide fast energy for the intestines and repair the damaged intestinal epithelium;

4) Use essential oils, plant extracts, etc. to relieve the stress response of pigs and regulate the free radical balance of the body.

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