Wie werden Süßstoffe (Natriumsaccharin) in Tierfutter verwendet?

1, focus on quality evaluation indicators. Sweetener as the most direct contact with the taste of pigs, its importance is self-evident, must control the quality of sweeteners. Users can focus on multi-dimensional quality assessment indicators such as content, sweetness, sweetness, homogeneity, stability, added amount, and feed intake. If only the sweetness is marked, most of the products not containing the main content are not sweeteners mainly composed of sodium saccharin.

2, correct verification of product quality. First of all, to verify its appearance, including fluidity and dispersibility, to detect the angle of repose of the product; secondly to verify its sweetness, including tasting its sweetness and sucrose multiples, whether the sweetness is quickly perceived, and whether there is significant post-bitterness and The taste of metal, etc.; Finally, the intrinsic quality should be verified, such as the content of sodium saccharin or neotame by liquid chromatography. For high levels of saccharin sodium sweeteners, companies that do not have liquid chromatography can use chemical titration to detect their main saccharine content or commission relevant unit tests.

3, use the link FAQ. There are several common problems that remind you to notice that the first thing is to open the package or feel very sweet during use. This phenomenon is related to the particle size of the sweetener. In the grain size of 150 to 200 mesh, the sweetener is easier to Diffusion in the air has little to do with sweetener quality. Second, is there a scent of sweeteners that will increase the use of sweeteners? Just to increase the product’s commercial quality, one ton of sweeteners only needs to add 500g of flavoring agent to achieve a rich aroma, which has little to do with the quality of sweeteners. The third is the amount of sweetener added. Most manufacturers do not rely on the amount of recommended additives, and the added amount is not consistent with the actual purpose. The purpose is to allow feed mills to recognize their price advantage. Normally, feed sweeteners should be added in accordance with the corresponding saccharine. For example, the feed for pigs is 200g/ton of anhydrous sugar, and for medium-sized pigs, 100g/ton of anhydrous sugar.

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